Sunday, January 31, 2010

Musical Service

I'm trying out Napster as a music service. I just couldn't get MOG to play songs - their player window would just hang. I've been having some, sporadic, problems with the Napster player (man, I just hate Flash), but it works pretty well. US$60 for the year, with 60 MP3 downloads included, so not too bad a price. I used to really enjoy Rhapsody back in my Windows days (esp. with the free membership via Comcast), but it just doesn't work with Linux. has become a YouTube search facility, pretty much ruining any usefulness it had, as much as I used to love using it. It has a great community and I learned of a bunch of great new sounds from it.

But the new Napster works pretty well. I'm still on my first day of a 7 day free trial, but it even has a couple of G.O.L. tracks, which is pretty amazing. I wish it had better community functions besides a forum - heck, it doesn't even have a "Twit This" button. But in the end it is the music that matters and right now I'm really digging listening to the Heartless Bastards and their pounding guitars, as found here:

Listen to this album on Napster: 
All This Time by Heartless Bastards

Supposedly there is some way to better share things, like Playlists, but I haven't quite figured it out.  But when I do, look for more sharing to go on here. It would be nice to have a "Friends" feature, where I could follow along what others are listening to, but not yet, I guess.

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